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l All rolls of small calender machine are independently driven by servo motorsfor flexible speed control.

l Optional small single screw extruder, small twin screw extruder, or small triple screw extrder.

l Optional melt pump and static mixer can improve plasticization and film homogenization.

l Optional Mold Temperature Controller and Water Cooling makea uniform temperature distribution on roll surface.

l Optional trimming waste collection device improves sheet quality.

l Optional constant tension winding device producessmooth film and high quality.

l Optional pattern/matte roller can be used for different surface treatments.

l Optional hydraulic or air cylinder for different materials.

l Optional two / three / four rollers configurationfor different processing technology.


l Preparation of different sheet.

l New formula development.

l High viscosity polymer calendaring.

l Preparation ofmulti-functional polymer composite sheet.


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