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l  Both extruders are controlled by the main touch screen controller for remote control.

l  Preparation of single or multi layer casting film.

l  Preparation of coating film.

l  Preparation of machine direction orientor(MDO) with multilayer co-extrusion cast film.

l  Optional melt pump and static mixer can improve plasticization and film quality.

l  Optional Mold Temperature Controller and Water Cooling device is available for temperature control.

l  Optional air knife or electrostatic adsorption device can improve the film adsorption & cooling.

l  Optional waste film trimming collection device improves winding quality.

l  Optional constant tension winding device producesf smooth film and high quality.

l  Optional pattern roller/matte roller can be used for different surface treatments.

Feature and size is customizable.


l  Preparation of multilayer functional film.

l  Polymer casting performance test.

l  Polymer MDO performance test.

l  New formula development.

l Optimization of processing parameters.

l Small scale preparation of narrow film.


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