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This article teaches you how to use a lab small calender machine.


Preparatory Work

(1) check whether all fasteners or connectors in the lab small calender machine are connected reliably;

(2) re-check all power lines and other connections;

(3) check whether all oil road connections are reliable and all oil road valves are opened by the special commissioner;

(3) before starting the lab small calender machine, heat the roller to the appropriate temperature (depending on the material);

(4) start the lab small calender machine (refer to the software operation instructions for specific operations).

Testing Process

Before testing, check lab small calender machine all test parameters are set or displayed correctly.

(1) Turn on lab small calender machine power switch and turn on the emergency stop button;

(2) Start the mould temperature machine to heat the rollers. When the temperature of the rollers reaches the set value and stabilizes for a period of time (about 20-30 min), the rollers can be started.

(3) Before the first start, it is necessary to confirm whether lab small calender machineeach roll steering is correct.Ensure the correct steering of each roll;

(4) After determining the lab small calender machine correct steering, lab small calender machine should run at a low speed for a short time to determine whether all parts have been properly installed;

(5) Adjust the spacing of three rollers to the set value by means of the inter-roll clearance adjustment device, and press the upper and lower rollers with double force cylinder.

If abnormal phenomena, such as abnormal sound, are found during operation, the lab small calender machine must be stopped immediately and checked until the cause is found out and the test can be continued.

(6) restart the small three-roll calender machine, and introduce the experimental sheet material to the three rollers in a certain way through the copper rod, through the guide roller and the traction roller, and finally roll the coil at the rewinding roller;

But in case of failure or stop, press the emergency stop button.

Process of stop

(1) after the end of the testing, remove the material impurities on the surface of each roller;

(2) close the mold temperature machine and all oil valve;

(3) stop the lab small calender machine drive motor of each roller;

(5) press the emergency stop and turn off the power switch.


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