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Lab small cast film line is combine withlab small extrder, cast film cooling roll, traction roll, slicer knife, constant tension winding system, all these made of a lab small cast film line, it complete plastic particle monolayer or multilayer extrusion cast film process.

Major Components:

1. Lab small plastic extruder: the diameter is optional from 20-45mm, We can provide different screw structure for different material properties. Driven by servo motor, constant speed and output. Controlled by PLC system and PID temperature adjusting way, these make the whole system is constant and reliable.

2. Lab small cast film machine cooling roll, this roll is driven by an independent individual servo motor. The speed is adjustable, running smoothly and constant.

3.Traction roll: the traction roll consists of upper and lower rollers. The upper roll is driven by an independent servo motor and the speed is adjustable.The surface of the lower roll is covered with silica gel with moderate hardness. The two rolls can drive up and down movement by controlling the cylinder.

4.Traction roller compaction mechanism: the traction roller compaction mechanism consists of buttons and cylinders, and adjusts the gap between the upper roller and the lower roller through the touch screen.When pressing the lower press button, press the lower roll upward.Press the release button and return the lower roll.After compaction traction roll, traction roller surface elastic deformation will happen but would be in a thin belt between the two roller compaction, and under the action of friction drive thin belt along the horizontal direction, thin belt speed can be adjusted according to the speed of the roller on the control.

5.The rewinding roller is driven by torque motor, the speed is adjustable, the air expanding shaft is convenient to load and unload the paper tube, the constant tension rewinding ensures the rewinding effect.

Major Application:

Laboratory small cast film machines main application is:

1. Lab small mono-layer cast film line

By a small plastic extruder with small cast film machine into a lab small mono layer cast film line, melt cooling on the cast film roll, thanks to the high precision servo motor driver which used in all power unit, the user can adjust the speed of extruder and cast film roller, then we can get a well control for the thickness.

2. Lab multi-layer cast film line

By more than one small extruder with small cast film machine into small multi-layer extrusion cast film test line, the preparation of double, three, five layers, even more than seven layers structure stretching film, melt cooling on the cast film roll. Thanks to all of the power unit used in high precision servo motor drive, the user can adjust the speed of extruder and cast film roller, then we can get a well control for thickness.

3. Lab mono-layer or multi-layer cast film line, with online MDO stretching function.

Based on the above two lab lines, MDO longitudinal stretching unit can be additionally used to realize the on-line extrusion for mono-layer/multi-layer cast film and the MDO longitudinal stretching test. It is very suitable for the study of the forming technology and formula of functional permeability film and micro porous film.

So, what made of lab small cast film line? It’s combine with lab small plastic extruder, lab small cast film unit, Die, heating module etc,. Different numbers of extruder can make multi layer cast film line.


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