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The user can select the number of small lab extruder according to the structure of the multi layer blown film, and cooperate with the 2 layer blown film die, three layer blown film die or five layer blown film die to form a small lab multi-layer film blowing machine.

The film structure design can be divided into A/B, A/B/C, A/B/C/B/A, A/B/C/B/A, A/B/C/D/E symmetrical or asymmetric structure according to the die and numbers of small extruder.

The multi layer blown film die includes sleeve type, planar superposition type, subuliform superposition type etc. Among them, planar superposition die is suitable for materials with large temperature difference and sensitive to temperature because it can be divided into sections for temperature control.

The lab small extruder is driven by servo motor, controlled by PLC, PID temperature setting, screw structure optimization to ensure good plasticization and stable extrusion.

Motorized height adjustment film tower, convenient to lead film and process adjustment.

Hard chromium - plated mirror roller with 304 stainless steel roll core, reliable quality, highly surface finish for product.

Film bubble stabilizing cage and synchronous adjustable film collapsing frames with polished teak wood or guide roller.

The machine all driven by servo motor, to achieve smooth and precise running.

Each roll of the lab small multi-layer blown film line is driven independently by servo motor, and the running is stable. The speed ratio of each roll can be adjusted freely.

Advanced multi-axis synchronous technology ensures the synchronization of each roll speed.

Advanced PLC control and mobile touch screen operation ensure system stability and improve operation convenience.

Gravimetric feeder is optional.

Melt pump is optional.

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