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In order to meet the application requirements of the high fill ratio of zirconia ceramics, the triple screw die face cutting granulation line is specially upgraded as follows

Triple screw extruder has better dispersing effect and staying time than twin screw extruder and is especially suitable for the blending extrusion of high filling master batch.

In order to meet the application demand of high filling zirconia ceramic powder, the extruder adopts ultra-high torque drive system

The optimized combination of screw elements can improve the plasticization and homogenization effect and ensure the high fluidity of filling inorganic material

Both the screw element and the barrel lining are made of imported advanced alloy steel, and the wear resistance is improved significantly, which is half of the time than common steel.

Specially optimized heating and cooling system ensures material temperature control and product performance

Driven by a high power motor, the cutting head provides strong power and is equipped with a strong and sharp cutting tool, which is especially suitable for hard ceramic particles



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