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Lab small  calender cachine can nonstandard designed, two rolls, three rolls, or four rolls is optional. Even can combined with unwinding roll, forming laminating function.

Combined with a small single screw extruder or a small twin screw extruder, then can make a set of small extrusion calender line, which can making calender sheet forming process.

All rollers are independently driven by servo motor, Linear guide rail is applied to guide the up or bottom roller for adjusting the gap between rolls.

Small calender machine combined with single screw extruder and sheet die, a Sheet Extrusion Line is obtained.

Chrome coated and mirror polished roller with 304 stainless steel shaft guarantees reliable quality and high surface quality of film.

It integrates sheet calendering, trimming, flatting and winding.

Optional touching screen can independently control this unit controllable.

Optional heating module and water cooler makes precise temperature control of the roll.

Optional trimming collection device improves winding quality.

Small calender machine optional constant tension winding device produces smooth film and high quality.


Lab small calenderm machine suit for new plastic sheet formula development.

Polymer calender performance test.

Optimization of calender processing parameters.

Optional fatten roll/matte roll finishes  different film surface treatments.



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