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The 16mm micro parallel twin screw pelletizer is composed of micro twin screw extruder, cooling water tank and micro pelletizer uni

Screw elements can be combined freely according to material characteristics

The shell adopts clamshell design, which is convenient for users to clean screw, especially suitable for frequent formula switching

Efficient and optimized temperature control management system provides high precision temperature control

Large torque servo motor drive, can provide constant torque output within the full speed range, high and low speed running free adjustment, from dozens of grams to several kilograms of capacity arbitrary use

Mini twin screw extruder usd PLC intelligent control, all information on the touch screen display adjustment

The granulator is driven by servomotor, providing powerful power and equipped with strong and sharp cutting tools

Micro twin screw extruder is compact in shape, occupies a small area and is easy to operate


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