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The face mask consists of double-layer non-woven cloth in which filter layer, nose bridge bar and face mask belt is set.
Production line composed of a mask body machine and three ear band composed of welding machine, the machine is easy to operate, the use of PLC programming control, realized the automatic unwinding, automatic transport, cut off the nose bridge bar, face mask edge welding, ultrasonic fusion, molding cut, ear welding such as the whole process from moving, 24 hours at full capacity up to 120000 / per day.
This machine is easy to operate and easy to debug. Users only need to watch the video to learn, and then they can debug autonomously, so that the machine can be put into use as soon as possible.

1. Ultrasonic melting technique, single man operation. 
2. Automatic working from feeding to nose-wire insert, sealing, cutting finished products. 
3. Machine frame adopts aluminum. Anti-rust, durable, easy cleaning and neat. 



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