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In modern trade practice, a second party audit has become disadvantages: an organization usually supplies many customers, and a second party audit will undoubtedly put a heavy burden on the organization, customers also pay considerable fees and consider the experience and level of sending or hiring personnel, without reaching the desired purpose.Only ISO9000 certification can rule out such disadvantages

Because as the first party applied for the ISO9000 certification of the third party and obtained the certification certificate, many second parties do not need to review the first party, so that both the first party or the second can save a lot of energy or cost to the second party.In addition, if the enterprise after obtaining the ISO9000 certification, and then apply for UL, CE and other product quality certification, can also exempt the certification agency to the enterprise quality management system for repeated certification expenses.

The certification institutions responsible for the ISO9000 quality system certification are all the authorities recognized by the national accreditation institutions, and the audit of the enterprise quality system is very strict.In this way, for the enterprise, can be carried out in accordance with the international standardized quality system quality management, truly achieve the rule of law, scientific requirements, greatly improve the work efficiency and product qualified rate, and quickly improve the economic and social benefits of the enterprise.For enterprise outside, when the customer learned that the supplier management in accordance with international standards, got the ISO9000 quality system certification certificate, and certification institutions of strict audit and regular supervision, can be sure that the enterprise is stable to provide qualified products or services, so as to conclude supply and marketing contract with enterprises, expand the market share of the enterprise.It received immediate results in both areas.

Implementing ISO9001 standard and obtaining third-party quality system certification has become the basic condition for enterprises to win customers and consumers.

It is believed that in the future development, Guangzhou General will strictly implement management, production and sales in accordance with the ISO9001 quality certification system and provide consumers with better quality products and services.

Guangzhou POTOP is committed to polymer material experiment and research and development of trial production equipment manufacturing and development, the main products are: two-way stretching machine, multi-layer coextrusion membrane experimental line, desktop, torque converter, capillary rheometer, small extruder, small sheet extrusion extension, small double / three screw extrusion granulation, small three roller, desktop double roller opening machine, desktop 3D consumables test line.

The company's experimental equipment products with complete functions, easy operation, convenient expansion, can be applied to formula research and development, process optimization, quality control, innovative research, design guidance, mechanic and student training, suitable for professional colleges engaged in polymer materials (plastic, rubber) research, plastic processing industry product research and development or quality control, and technical training of professional schools.


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