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POTOP  small four roller rubber eraser is a kind of rubber and plastic coil adhesive coating forming and surface treatment equipment, which integrates the functions of sheet softening, adhesive differential coating, constant thickness constant speed calendering, surface leveling treatment, sheet cooling and shaping. The whole machine is composed of four rollers arranged longitudinally in S-shape, numbered 1#, 2#, 3#, 4#, respectively from top to bottom. Among them, the position of 3# roller is fixed, and the rest rollers can move, so as to adjust the gap between rollers. At the same time, the rollers are driven by German Schneider servo motor, which can ensure accurate linear speed control of roller surface and dimensional accuracy of products. Through the mold temperature machine and the heating medium of heat transfer oil, each roller can be heated to ensure the accurate temperature and distribution of the roller surface, so as to meet the requirements of different calendering processes


(1) On line / off-line calendering and setting of rubber and plastic coil

Soften the heated rubber and plastic coiled material, pass through the four rollers with the set spacing between rollers, squeeze the sheet into a regular sheet with the set thickness through the rotary movement of two rollers, and ensure the uniformity of the sheet thickness;

(2) Application of adhesive for rubber and plastic coiled materials

The softening of rubber and plastic coil can be realized by heating the mold temperature machine and heat transfer oil to give a certain temperature to the roller, and then the adhesive can be coated on the surface of the coil quickly and smoothly through the transmission of adjacent rollers and the speed difference between rubber wiping rollers


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