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TPU film is a film made on the basis of TPU granule material by calendering, casting, blown film, coating and other special processes. TPU is also known as polyurethane vinegar, so TPU film is also known as polyurethane cool film it is a class of the most segmented polymers, including PU without cross-linking containing hard and soft segments, made of poly remuneration or polyvinyl acetate (soft-chain segments) or polycaprolactone.

TPU film has the following properties.
1. Abrasion resistance properties
2. Tensile strength and tensile ratio
3. Oil resistance
4. Race, weather and ozone resistant properties
5. Medical grade for foodstuffs

In a small three-layer co-extrusion calender, the TPU material is put into the machine and undergoes a series of mechanical movements and treatments to finally form a TPU film with specific thickness and width. This film has a uniform thickness and a smooth surface that is not easily scratched and has no flow marks.

The main application areas of this machine include carp batteries, photovoltaic hydrogen energy, marine engineering, aerospace, medical and healthcare, and 5G mobile communications. In the medical field, this machine can be used to produce medical TPU braces film and other products.

The small three-layer co-extrusion calender is composed of single screw extruder, three-roll calender molding auxiliary machine, oven, haul-off winding auxiliary machine, three-layer co-extrusion die head, melt pumping system, manual screen changer, etc. These equipments ensure that the TPU films produced have better quality and performance.


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