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lab small calender machine

This article teaches you how to use a lab small calender machine.

small extruder

Small extruder refers to small single screw extruder, small twin-screw extruder and small three screw extruder, is one of the main tools used in polymer processing and forming in laboratory, it can complete melting and plasticizing of polymer, extrusion function, cooperate with different mould, can extru different types of products, such as sheet, plate, profiles, pipes, films, etc.In order to improve the plasticizing effect and feed stability of the material, the small extruder can also be equipped with manual plate mesh changer, melt pump, static mixer, etc.The following are the main components of a small extruder:

3d printer filament machine

Some problem that affect the quality of printing:

lab small cast film machine

Laboratory small cast film machine is mainly composed of cast film roll, traction roll, cutter, constant tension winding system, with laboratory small extruder into a small extrusion cast film line, complete plastic particle monolayer or multilayer extrusion flow process.


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