Hezhi He
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Professor,with a long-term research of polymer material forming processing theory and equipment, especially the composite material compounding method, comes up with the research direction of composite compounding method and theory is the combination of composite rheology property and form structure.The projects he host includes Guangdong Province natural science fund project the Fundamental Theory Research of Composite Electromagnetism Dynamic Forming. National emphasis scientific and technological project Modified Plastic Electromagnetism Dynamic Secondary 3 Screw Reactive Exturder. National 863project Reactive Extrusion Making High-performance Dynamic Crosslinking Thermoplasticity Vulcanized Rubber. Polymer/ Inorganic Composite Physical Field of New Technology to Strengthen the Preparation.Dynamic Vulcanization Technology and Equipment Research and Development of Thermoplastic Elastomers.

1997 with Electromagnetic Dynamic Polymer Plastics Extrusion Method and Equipment, obtained the second class prize of National Technology Invention. 2001 with SJDD Series Plastic Electromagnetism Dynamic Extruder, obtained first class prize of the National universities science and technology progress.2001 with Composite Dynamic Reaction Processing Technology and Development of Equipment, obtained national emphasis technology achievement award.2002 with Electromagnetic Dynamic Polymer Plastics Injection Method and Equipment, obtained first prize of Ministry of Education technology invention.2004 with Screw-line-type Polymer Plastics Injection Molding Equipment Pulsation, obtained second class prize of Guangdong technology progress.2006 with Plastic Dynamic Molding Processing Technology and Equipment, obtained second class prize of national scientific and technological progress.

Jianhui Huang
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Mechanical designer of Guanzhou POTOP, tutor of Master Degree Candidate of South China University of Technology.

With the technical expertise involved in machinery manufacturing technology and equipment, industrial automation and control technology, materials mechanics, fluid dynamics, computational fluid dynamics, rheology, dynamics, computer simulation and other aspects, the study and engage in professional experienced mechanical design, chemical engineering, polymer materials processing technology.

Jian Song
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The new polymer molding equipment National Engineering Research Center in South China University of Technology.

Senior Engineer.



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