Product Series
  • Rheometer Station
  • Film Forming Equipment
  • Filter Pressure Value Tester
  • Multi Screw Compounder
  • Rubber Forming Machine
  • Profile Extrusion Equipment
  • Vibration Module
  • Main Control Module
  • extrusion rheometer
  • rheometer
  • Vibration Module of Rheometer RIJM-01/25
  • Main Control Module RMOM-75
  • Extrusion Capilary Rheometer RCSI-20/25
  • Torque Rheometer RTOI-55/20
  • extrusion film casting line
  • film blown machine
  • Lamination machine
  • multi layer lamination line
  • extrusion cast film & stretch film line
  • extrusion calender
  • extrusion film casting line
  • blown film machine
  • Calendaring machine
  • cast film machine
  • multi functional film forming machine
  • stretch film machine
  • Mini Extrusion Cast Film Line FDHU-16
  • Film Blowing Machine FBVU-20
  • Laminating Machine FAHU-26
  • Multi Layer Laminating Line MESI-20/28
  • Extrusion Casting & MDO line MESI-20/28
  • Extrusion Calendaring Line MESI-20/28
  • Extrusion Cast Film Line MESI-20/28
  • Film Blowing Line FBSI-20/28
  • Mini Precision Light Calendaring Machine bag making machine FPLU-26
  • Film Casting Machine FDHU-26
  • Film Forming Machine FOVU-26
  • MDO Film Streching Machine FOVU-26
  • FPV Tester
  • Filter Pressure Value Tester CMOM-60
  • pelletizer
  • Triple screw extruder
  • 2.5 screw extruder
  • double screw extruder
  • 1.5 screw extruder
  • plastic extruder
  • Lab Pelletizer AGVU-04
  • Triple Screw Compounder METI-22/40
  • 2.5 Screw Compounder MEZI-22/40
  • Twin Screw Compounder MEDI-22/40
  • 1.5 Screw Compounder MEEI-35
  • Single Screw Extruder MESI-20/28
  • vulcanizer
  • Rubber Banbury Mixer
  • twin roll mill
  • rubber calendaring machine
  • rubber extrusion
  • Press Vulcanizer LSVI-25
  • Rubber Internal Mixer LKOI-03
  • Rubber Double Roll Mill LRHI-200
  • Rubber Multi Roll Calender LPVU-26
  • Rubber Extruder LESI-45/12
  • pipe extrusion machine
  • Pipe Extrusion Line SESI-30
Brief Introduction


Guangzhou POTOP Experimental Analysis Instrument Co.,Ltd was co-established in the beautiful flower city Guangzhou in 2009 by the National Engineering Research Center of Novel Equipment for Polymer Processing in South China University of Technology, Hong Kong Cosmos Machinery Co.,Ltd and Guangzhou Precision Plastic Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
POTOP is a professional enterprise specialized in R&D and manufacturing of polymer analysis and processing experimental instruments.Depending on the theoretical support from basic scientific research team leaded by Qu Jinping academician in the National Engineering Research Center of Novel Equipment for Polymer Processing in South China University of Technology, POTOP had developed distinctive polymer dynamic rheometer, masterbatch dispersion tester, mini precise functional film processing equipments, multi screw compounding experimental line, rubber forming machines and plastic processing equipment, covering a full range of polymer experimental instruments.
Guangzhou POTOP pursues to be the best manufacture of polymer experimental analysis instruments, aligning with German manufacturing concept and product quality. We will pay more attention to the details and offer the best service for customers.
Adhere to long term operation objectives, POTOP maintains mutual benefit and collaboration relationship with customers and provides the optimal technical support, the best instruments and top after-sale service.
As the basic material of micro-electronics, renewable energy source and functional film products, polymer encounters swift and violent development and polymer processing equipment does not adapt the quickly changeable processing requirements any longer.Combining polymer processing mechanism theory and engineering experience, POTOP obtains the ability to offer customer the best customized polymer analysis and processing experimental instruments.
Your satisfaction is our pursuit. Adhering to the enterprise spirit of professional focus on excellence, Guangzhou POTOP will provide the best instruments and service for you.

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