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Lab small multi layer cast film line
Lab small multi layer cast film machine
Triple screw die face cutting granulation line use for ceramic phone backboard
Lab small multi layer blown film line


Sep 2018

The lab small blown film machine consists of single-layer small blown film machine and multi-layer small blown machine. It is mainly composed of single or multiple small extruder, single-layer or multi-layer blowing mold and small-sized blowing auxiliary machine. It can customize single-layer, double-layer, three-layer, five-layer and seven-layer small blowing film machine according to needs.

Aug 2018

Lab small cast film line is combine withlab small extrder, cast film cooling roll, traction roll, slicer knife, constant tension winding system, all these made of a lab small cast film line, it complete plastic particle monolayer or multilayer extrusion cast film process.

Aug 2018

There are three type Machine direction orientation MDO stretching machine :

1. Small Machine Direction Orientor(MDO) & Casting film Machine

2. Vertical Machine Direction Orientor MDO Machine

3. Horizontal Machine Direction Orientor MDO Machine Pilot Line

Machine direction orientation MDO stretching machine adopts synchronous control technology, which makes the speed of cold stretching roll, preheating roll, hot stretching roll and annealing roll synchronously or proportionally adjustable in the production line of MDO stretching machine. Moreover, the motor of each roll can be controlled synchronously or independently through the knob. All parameter Settings, system control, data recording, etc., are operated or displayed through the human-computer interaction interface of the touch screen.
The main components of MDO stretching machine include cold stretching roll, stretching roll, hot stretching roll, annealing roll, cooling roll, rewinding roll, motor and reducer of each roll, etc.

Jul 2018

This article teaches you how to use a lab small calender machine.

Jul 2018

Small extruder refers to small single screw extruder, small twin-screw extruder and small three screw extruder, is one of the main tools used in polymer processing and forming in laboratory, it can complete melting and plasticizing of polymer, extrusion function, cooperate with different mould, can extru different types of products, such as sheet, plate, profiles, pipes, films, etc.In order to improve the plasticizing effect and feed stability of the material, the small extruder can also be equipped with manual plate mesh changer, melt pump, static mixer, etc.The following are the main components of a small extruder:

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