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  In recent years, optical grade PET polyester film has been widely used. Especially in the manufacturing process of liquid crystal display screens, PET optical film is an indispensable material, such as diffusion film, brightness enhancement film, anti-glare film, etc.

  In fact, this depends on the characteristics of PET optical film - high light transmittance, low haze, high brightness, no yellowing, good adhesion, good flatness, no light and dark lines, high temperature and ultraviolet radiation resistance, good stiffness, anti-burning and cracking, not easy to break, etc. Functional PET optical film is mainly obtained by coating various functional coatings on the surface of PET polyester film.

  According to the role of the coating, the coating can be divided into three categories, namely protective coating, decorative coating and functional coating. By applying different coatings on PET polyester film, films with different functions can be produced.

  For example, anti-scratch and antistatic (106~108Ω) coatings are applied on the surface of PET polyester film to make screen PET protective film, which is used to protect the surface of mobile phone or computer screen.

  Coating a coating containing optical particles or glass beads on PET polyester film can make an optical diffusion film, which is used in the backlight module of LCD panel, which can effectively eliminate the phenomenon of light and dark interlacing or dot, improve the brightness of light, and provide a uniform surface light source for LCD panel.

  Coating a resin system with particle components on the surface of PET polyester film can make an anti-glare film, which is used in liquid crystal display screens, and has the function of preventing the screen from tailing by scattering reflected light and internal scattering caused by the refractive index difference between hard coating resin and particles, etc.

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