During the past 20 years, POTOP has built an interdisciplinary engineering team of polymer rheologists, mechanical engineers, and electrical engineers and it has sold over 500 advanced machines to customers around the world, mainly universities and the research units of global chemical companies.

Guangzhou POTOP Co., Ltd was establish in the beautiful flower city Guangzhou in 2009 by the National Engineering Research center Of Novel Equipment for polymer processing in south china university of technology, Hong Kong cosmos machinery co., Ltd and Guangzhou precision plastic machinery equipment Co., Ltd.
POTOP is a professional enterprise specializes in R&D and manufacturing of medical equipment, polymer analysis and processing experiment instruments. The leading manufacturing technology in such equipment, excellent quality of the equipment, first-class after-sales service wins a lot of customers all over the world. Depending on the theoretical support from basic scientific research team leaded by Qu jinping polymer processing in south china university of technology, POTOP had developed automated production line, medical products production equipment, medical laboratory equipment, distinctive polymer dynamic rheometer, master batch dispersion tester, mini precise functional film processing equipments, lab multi screw compounding experiment line, lab rubber forming machines and lab plastic processing equipment, covering a full range of polymer experiment instruments.
Guangzhou POTOP pursues to be the best manufacture of medical equipment,polymer experiment analysis instruments, aligning with German manufacturing concept and product quality. We will pay more attention to the details and offer the best service for customers.
As the base material of micro-electronics, renewable energy source and functional film products, polymer encounters swift and violent development and polymer processing equipment does not adapt the quickly changeable processing requirements any longer. Combing polymer processing mechanism theory and engineering experience, POTOP obtains the ability to offer customer the best tailor made non-standard polymer analysis and processing experimental instruments.


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