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Highly-functional Material Week TOKYO JAPAN 2023 will be held on October 04-06, 2023 at Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Tokyo, Japan and we warmly invite you and your team to participate in this exhibition.

In recent years, the introduction of carbon fiber has accelerated in a wide range of fields such as automotive, electronics, medical, and industrial machinery. Lightweight, metal substitutes, environmentally friendly materials, and technologies and products related to the most popular advanced materials will be gathered together. 2023 Japan High Performance Plastics Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan, will be a new breakthrough, both in terms of technology exhibition and display scale will be on a new level.

Our booth is located at the 12th PLASTIC TOKYO booth 22-27 in the exhibition hall. We welcome you to visit and communicate with us at any time and look forward to meeting you and discussing the future direction of high-performance films with us at the exhibition!

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Concurrent Exhibitions

1. High Performance Plastics Exhibition

PLASTICJAPAN is expanding the demand for high performance plastics with the development of engineering plastics, CFRP, cellulose nanofibers, bioplastics and other "lightweight", "metal substitution" and "eco-materials". This exhibition will showcase all technologies related to the plastics industry, from plastic raw materials and additives to molding and processing machines and recycling technologies.

The exhibition will showcase all technologies related to the plastics industry, from plastic raw materials and additives to molding and processing machines and recycling technologies.

2METAL JAPAN, High Performance Metals Exhibition

This exhibition brings together a wide range of highly functional metal materials and processing equipment, test/analysis equipment, recycling technology and more. It is held twice a year in Gumiho and Tokyo.

3High Performance Ceramics Exhibition CERAMICJAPAN

This exhibition brings together a wide range of highly functional ceramics, materials, molding/processing equipment, combustion/heating equipment, evaluation/testing/analysis equipment, and more. It is held twice a year in Osaka and Tokyo.

4Adhesion & Bonding Expo TOKYO The Adhesion & Bonding Expo TOKYO brings together advanced adhesives and bonding technologies for automobiles, electronics, construction, and other fields. It is held twice a year in Osaka and Tokyo.

5Paint & Coating JAPAN TOKYO

This exhibition brings together the latest paint and coating technologies in the fields of automobiles, electronics, and construction. It is held twice a year in Osaka and Tokyo.

6High Performance Film Tech Japan

High-performance films are functional films that are active in various fields such as electric motors, automobiles, building materials, pharmaceuticals, and food packaging. This is a film industry exhibition that showcases functional films and molding machine inspection/measurement/analysis equipment.

Exhibition Scope

1) Highly Functional Films: Optical Films Lithium-ion Battery Isolation Films Spray Replacement Films Films for Touch Panels Electrolyte Films for Fuel Cells Photocatalytic Films Semiconductor Films Plastic Substrate Films Films for Solar/Rechargeable Batteries Biodegradable Plastic Films Other Functional Films

2) Adhesive tapes: Adhesive tapes for electronics Conductive adhesive tapes Surface protection adhesive tapes/sheets Load tapes Barcode labels for production control Adhesive/de-lamination dispersing materials Anti-electromagnetic wave adhesive tapes Adhesive tapes for construction and materials Adhesive tapes for professional use Adhesive tapes/sheets Adhesive tapes for labels & stickers Medical adhesive products Others

3) Forming, Converting, Secondary Processing: Slitters Dryers Other Film Forming Technologies Corona Treaters Knives/Cutting Tools, Die Cutting Extruders Stretching Machines Blenders, Stirrers UV Irradiators Rollers/Core Rollers T-Impressions, Expanded Impressions, Multi-Layer Impressions Rewinders, Rewinders Cutting Machines Conveyor Belts/Manpower Saving Machines Casting Machines Coating Machines, Laminating Machines Surface Treatments/Hardening Devices Filters Other Film Processing Technologies

Cleaning / Static Protection: Clean Room Systems Dustless Cleaning Rollers, Brushes Static / Antistatic Products Microparticle Calculators Dustless Cleaning Gloves, Gloves, Masks Cloth Filters Clean Room Air Conditioning Equipment Other Cleaning Related Products

5) Functional materials: R raw materials/additives Adhesive materials Laminated film/coating materials Other functional materials

6) Film inspection/measurement/analysis: Micro-defect inspection systems Reflection inspection devices Bubble inspection systems Heat shrinkage measurement systems Film thickness and hardness measurement systems Related equipment systems

(7) Supply/Transport: Supply spouting equipment Transport, handling equipment/transport pumps Meters Storage equipment Other related supply & transport

(8) Raw material processing: Manufacturing and processing equipment Recycling/waste treatment related Plant facilities and equipment Testing/measuring/inspection equipment Other related raw material processing.



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About us

Guangzhou POTOP CO., Ltd. was established in 2009, is engaged in the polymer rheological performance characterisation instrument manufacturing, polymer processing and forming laboratory equipment manufacturing and polymer new molding R & D equipment manufacturing enterprises. In order to adapt to the market changes, PUTONG has increased the research and development of functional film processing and moulding process technology and equipment, and initially possesses the manufacturing capability of complete sets of experimental equipment for a variety of functional films, so as to better satisfy the needs of domestic and foreign customers.


Exhibit Profile

The film bi-directional tensile tester performs film-forming tensile test according to suitable temperature and time, benchmarking the process conditions of large-scale production lines and greatly improving the efficiency of research and development.


New product development in the field of high-end films

Laboratory testing and analysis of physical and chemical properties of new materials for film moulding

High-end film formulation design

Process research and parameter optimisation

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Gathering in Japan, serving the world. 4-6 October, Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan! A feast of high-performance films not to be missed! You are cordially invited to attend, Guangzhou Pudong in the 12th PLASTIC TOKYO 22-27 look forward to your arrival!

This week, our single-screw extrusion lamination test line was officially shipped to Canada.


Single Screw Extrusion Laminating Test Line

The machine is mainly composed of small precision extruder, die head, screen changer, casting roller, etc. It can achieve the functions of polymer extrusion, casting, haul-off, trimming, winding and so on.

Applicable to polymer material casting experiments, casting production process research and parameter optimisation, new material casting performance testing and so on.



1. Corona can do single-sided lamination, double-sided composite lamination, sandwich structure composite film and so on.

2. Extruding, casting, trimming, reeling and edging functions in one.

3. Each power roller is driven independently by servo motor, with precise control of roller speed and good synchronous performance.

4. The height of casting rollers can be adjusted up and down, which can meet the process requirements of casting materials with different melt strengths.

5. Hard chrome plated mirror rollers with high surface finish and no rust.

6. Humanised structure design, more convenient operation.

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The new environmentally friendly disposable paper cups are made of 99.99% corn plastic PLA raw material coated on paper to make PLA laminated paper cups, without using any additives, which are completely decomposable and compostable environmental health products.


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