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Precautions For Using Torque Rheometer

Torque Rheometer can study the dispersion properties, flow behavior and structural changes (crosslinking, thermal stability, etc.) of materials during processing, and can also provide experimental guidance for production quality control

Mixer Torque Rheometer For Laboratory

Rotor is the core component of torque rheometer test. There are many types of rotor, mainly introduced below five common rotors and their applicable materials.

Torque Rheometer Exported To Vietnam Again!

The torque rheometer provides a dynamic measurement method which is closer to the actual machining, and can measure the rheological properties of materials continuously, accurately and reliably. It can study the flow, plasticization, heat and shear stability of rubber and plastic materials. It is an important instrument for scientific research and production guidance

5 Times stretch power biaxial stretcher

The list of winners of the 11th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Guangdong · Guangzhou Competition Area) and 2022 Guangzhou Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition has been announced. 


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