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Laboratory small precision calender

Extension machine (calender) is a machine composed of two or more rollers, arranged in a certain form, at a certain temperature, rubber or plastic pressing extension into a certain thickness and surface shape of film, and can be fiber curtain canvas or wire curtain hanging glue machinery.The der can be divided into two rollers, three rollers, four rollers and five rollers according to the number of rollers

Features of small TPU cast film machine

The raw materials of extrusion cast film are PP, PE, PA, etc. PS and PET are mainly used in bidirectional tensile film, which are used in the middle lobe of extrusion cast film. EVOH and PVDC with good barrier effect through oxygen and water vapor are often used in multi-layer co-extrusion cast film.Take the most widely used polypropylene flow film (CPP) as an example, CPP is a non-free, non-directional flat extrusion film produced by melt flow quench.Compared with blowing film, it is characterized by fast production speed, high yield, film transparency, luster, good thickness uniformity.At the same time, because it is a flat extrusion film, the subsequent process such as printing, composite is very convenient, so it is widely used in textiles, flowers, food, daily necessities packaging.

small extruder with melt pump

As people more and more demand for polymer functional materials research and development, lab extrusion molding equipment reliability is also more and more get the attention of the enterprises, research institutes and universities, is no longer the previous point of view: "I have, and it can work is ok", but a small extrusion equipment in laboratory is required to have the technical characteristics as production line, and some of the user is completely according to the production line to simulate the custom of experimental equipment. The commonly used polymer processing and molding equipment includes: small extruder, small cast film machine, small calender machine, small blown film machine, small laminating film machine and so on. As the most important part, the performance of small extruder directly influences the experimental results.


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