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  • The carbon steel structural parts are painted with anti-rust primer, the painted surface is rust-free and leveled, and high-quality paint is used. The structural frame has effective strength support to avoid vibration or external forces generated by the operation of surrounding equipment.
  • Al materials meet national standards; processing accuracy and assembly accuracy meet the latest national or industry quality technical standards.
  • The touch screen size is not less than 10", TFT true color LCD, rotary operation box.

  • Mobile stretching roller

  The rotation speed is adjustable, and a heating oil circulation system is set inside the roller to heat its surface.

  • Servo motor drive
  Preheating roller, stretching roller, annealing roller, cooling roller and pulling roller are driven by independent servo motors with adjustable rotation speed.


  • Mirror roller

  The roller surface is hardened. Under the protection of the surface metal forging layer, its rust resistance and wear resistance are greatly improved, and the mirror surface roughness is Ra0.01-0.0053.


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