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.Product Introduction

The single-layer multifunctional cast film blowing machine adopts precision extrusion and high-performance cast film blowing technology, which is suitable for the film blowing of common polymer materials such as PE. When used in conjunction with special accessories, it can also realize the expanded functions of raw material dispersion detection and film quality detection such as gel point, fish eye, crystal point, black point, etc. It is an ideal experimental equipment for high-precision and high-performance film forming.


Ⅱ.Product Features

Adopt servo motor drive, stepless and precise speed regulation, stable plasticization and good consistency.

High-strength servo motor dedicated transmission box, exquisite appearance and good cooling effect.

Electric lifting of film frame, convenient for film guiding and process adjustment.

Configured with film blowing frame telescopic device, convenient for transportation and movement.

Adopt vector wind ring, energy saving and low noise.

High-strength European standard integrated frame, light and beautiful, complete functions, easy to operate and space saving.

304 stainless steel desktop, practical and beautiful.

Computer-based measurement and control system and friendly operation interface, easy to operate and more powerful.

Real-time measurement and graphic display of important data such as extrusion system, convenient for observation.

Emergency stop device and various safety protections to ensure the safety of operators.

.Application Range

New material formula research and development

Material film blowing performance test

Masterbatch dispersion performance test

Film blowing production process parameter optimization

Preparation of single-layer blown tubular film

Study of material film blowing molding performance

Study of pigment dispersion performance


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