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Integrated rolling, trimming, winding and other functions in one unit.

The three rollers are independently driven by servo motors, which can control the roller speed separately.

The distance between upper and lower roller and middle roller can be adjusted continuously and can be precisely controlled by pressing force of cylinder.

Hard chrome plated mirror roller with 304 stainless steel roll core, high surface finish, no rust.

Imported PLC and touch screen, easy to operate, intelligent.

Optional mold temperature / chiller, precise control of casting roll temperature.

Optional waste side collection device to facilitate waste recycling.

Optional constant tension winding device to improve the film winding quality.

Optional pattern roller / matte roller to achieve a different sheet surface treatment.


Extrusion and calendering of polymer materials in combination with single screw extruder and sheet die.

Calender production process and parameter optimization.

New rolling performance test and research.

Mechanical properties of polymermaterials to sample the sample sheet.


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