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Integrate film casting, laminating, trimming, rolling and rolling in one machine.

This machine can produce cast film extrusion laminating.

Cast film extrusion, laminating film forming, or both of these two processes are going on at the same time.

Co-extrusion casting & coating & laminating forming process Otptional.

The roller is driven independently by servo motor for best speed control precision, synchronization performance

Casting roller height can be adjusted to meet the different melt strength casting process needs.

Hard chrome mirror roller with 304 stainless steel roller core, high surface finish, no rust.

Optional air knife or electrostatic adsorption device to improve the absorption of melt and roller surface effect.

Optional waste side collection device to facilitate waste recycling.

Optional constant tension winding device to improve the film winding quality.

 Optional pattern roller / matte roller to achieve a different film surface treatment.


Machine size and application functions can be customized.

Polymer film casting laminating and composite test

Cast film extrusion laminating production process research and parameter optimization

New material cast ability test

Color Master batch dispersion performance test evaluation

Small batch production of narrow width cast film.



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