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l Optimization of 3,4,5 roll.

l Blending of rubber/plastic and dispersion of ingredients.

l Plasticizing and mixing of rubber and plastics.

l Rubber / plastic formula development.

l Preparation of rubber/plastic sheet.

l Optional embossing roller / matt roller for different sheet surface treatments.

l Surface treatments for rubber/plastic sheet.

l Optimization of rubber calendaring parameters.


l Each roller is independently driven by servo motor.

l Chrome coated mirror roller with 304 stainless steel shaft guarantees reliable quality and excellent film appearance.

l Optional electric /oil heating according to different processing conditions.

l Optional Mold Temperature Controller ensures fine surface and axial temperature distribution.

l The gaps between the three rolls can be adjusted manually.

l Optional calendaring rolls: 3, 4, 5 or tailored.

l High strength aluminum alloy frame makes it light, beautiful and durable.

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