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The horizontal structure is easy to expand and convenient to thread the film, more suitable for pilot and small-scale production.

Preheat roller, stretching roller, annealing roller and cooling roller are independently driven by servo motor, with higher speed control accuracy.

Stretch roller gap adjustable, can achieve "zero pitch" stretch, reduce necking effect.

Single, double (or even multi-point) stretch optional, adjustable stretch ratio.

Oil / electric heating optional: oil heating. Temperature uniformity, and electric heating can obtain higher process temperature.

High-performance PLC with 10-inch touch screen, high control accuracy, more convenient operation.

Horizontal or vertical configuration optional


l Machine Direction tensile membrane laboratory preparation and pilot-scale production.

l Study and optimization of machine direction stretching production process.

l Tensile testing of films.

l R&D of new film materials and ln-line machine direction stretching combined with extrusion casting test lines.


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