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l This set of equipment is specially designed for the production of small hollow pipe for medical catheter, the outer diameter is 2mm, and the diameter of the inner hole is 1mm. 
Other sizes can also be switched.

l The roundness is controlled within ±0.02mm, the diameter accuracy is controlled within ±0.02mm.

l High precision manufacturing process for screw, barrel and die achieves the product dimension tolerances of less than ±0.05 mm.

l Optional screws with different structures for different materials and products.

l Digital display for the host extruder, cooling, take-up, winding and devices.

l PLC based control and display system.


l Pipe extrusion for PVC, PE, ABS, EVA, PP, PC, TPU tube/pipe.

l Extrusion for single/multi-cavity pipes of various specifications.

l Pipe formula development.

l Optimization and control of pipe extrusion processing parameters.

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