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Aluminum plastic film production line for lithium ion battery

Through repeated experiments and modification of screw parameters and improvement of screw machining accuracy, the number of crystal points is reduced to expected.

Machine Key techniques:
1. Screw optimum design.

2. No crystal point.

3. Aluminum foil preheating and wrinkle proof.

4. Multi-axis synchronization.

5. Composite film preheating and wrinkle proof.

6. Composite film unwinding neatly.


Aluminum plastic film should pay attention to several points:

1. Thickness of aluminum foil in the middle of aluminum plastic film;

2.The total thickness of aluminum plastic film, the outermost layer and the innermost layer material;

3.Aluminum-plastic film deep impact;

4. Heat sealing temperature, sealing quality and strength of aluminum plastic film;

5. Peeling strength between aluminum and plastic films 6. Corrosion resistance of aluminum plastic films, including after and before heat sealing.


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