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The lab small blown film machine consists of single-layer small blown film machine and multi-layer small blown machine. It is mainly composed of single or multiple small extruder, single-layer or multi-layer blowing mold and small-sized blowing auxiliary machine. It can customize single-layer, double-layer, three-layer, five-layer and seven-layer small blowing film machine according to needs.

The reasons for the uneven film thickness are come from unreasonable design of the machine head, "off-center" deformation of the mandrel, uneven temperature around the die, large blow ratio, uneven cooling, and unstable compressed air.

The fault treatment methods include modifying the die process parameters, replacing the mandrel, overhauling the die heater, changing the small expansion ratio, adjusting the cooling medium flow, and overhauling the compression pump.
The folds of the blown film may be caused by uneven mounting of the die, uneven film thickness, insufficient or uneven cooling, misalignment of the splint or traction roll with the center of the die, large Angle of clamp, inconsistent tension of traction roll and unsteady winding tension.

The methods of handling folds include adjusting the levelness of the die, adjusting the thickness of the film, adjusting the cooling device or reducing the linear speed, aligning the center line, reducing the Angle of the splint, adjusting the traction roller, and adjusting the degree of friction.

In addition to above, small extruder and small blown film machine's stability, matching degree is also the key. Stable precision extrusion performance, smooth and stable traction are also important for film thickness uniformity.


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