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Potop small precision three roll calender is composed of three press rolls arranged longitudinally. The position of the middle press roll is fixed. The upper and lower press rolls can be driven by corresponding mechanical devices and guided by linear guide rails to adjust the three roll gap. At the same time, the three press rolls are independently driven by Schneider servo motor, so as to ensure accurate linear speed control of roll surface and dimensional accuracy of products. Through the mold temperature machine and the heating medium of heat transfer oil, the three pressing rollers can be heated to ensure the accurate temperature and distribution of the roller surface, so as to meet the requirements of different calendering processes


(1) On line press molding of rubber and plastic sheet

Pass the rubber and plastic softened sheet extruded by the extruder and the sheet die through the three rollers with the set spacing between the rollers, squeeze the sheet into a regular sheet with the set thickness through the rotary movement of the three rollers, and ensure the uniformity of the sheet thickness;

(2) Off line calendering of rubber and plastic sheet

The off-line calendering and shaping of rubber and plastic sheets can be realized by heating the mold temperature machine and heat transfer oil to give a certain temperature to the pressing roller, which is used for homogenizing and flattening the thickness of sheets, and realizing the preparation of sheets with specified thickness


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