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Multi-layer co-extrusion cast film extrusion production line is composed of multiple components, and the equipment is composed of main motor, reduction box, feeding system, mixing and extrusion system, screen changer, melt pump, casting roll, traction roll, tension roll, winding roll and electrical control system.


Multi-Layer-Extrusion Test Line of application
Preparation of multilayer functional films.
Tape casting performance test of polymer materials.
Research and development of new product formula.
Optimization of production process parameters.
Small-scale production of narrow film.

The advantages of multi-layer extrusion test line are obvious. It is faster, more effective and more accurate than other traditional methods. The machine is also very versatile and can be used for various purposes, such as manufacturing lenses, medical parts, auto parts, etc. In addition, the machine can process a variety of film, multi-layer plastic and other materials, and it can save materials, so it can save costs.
Multi-layer extrusion test lines are becoming more and more popular in many industries, from automobiles to electronics. With the continuous development of technology, more and more enterprises and factories are investing in this new equipment to improve production speed and quality. The multi-layer extrusion test line is expected to become a major component of the future industry and has been successfully used in many projects.


 Casting Equipment can be selected to form  lab small online cast film line.


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