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Good news! Good news! Guangzhou POTOP participated for the first time and stood out as the "The Biaxial Stretcher" project. It Won the winning prize of the growth group of high-end equipment manufacturing industry in the 11th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Guangdong · Guangzhou) and the 2022 Guangzhou Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition! Congratulations to POTOP!


Adhering to the guidance of technological innovation, Guangzhou POTOP has successfully developed new products such as "fish eye" tester, masterbatch dispersion tester, small precision extrusion tape casting tester, small precision extrusion blow film tester, and unidirectional/biaxial tensile test equipment for polymer film, and Guangzhou POTOP has co built a Panyu branch center with the National Engineering Research Center for New Polymer Forming Equipment of South China University of Technology, Jointly undertaken and completed several national and provincial scientific research projects, including major instrument projects, and is a product base for polymer processing rheometer and its application development.







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