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General-purpose BOPP films

       BOPP film, that is, biaxially oriented polypropylene film, BOPP film production is the polymer polypropylene melt is first made into sheet or thick film through the narrow head, and then in a special stretching machine, at a certain temperature and set speed, while or in steps in the vertical two directions (longitudinal, transverse) of the stretching, and after appropriate cooling or heat treatment or special processing (such as corona, coating The film is made by appropriate cooling or heat treatment or special processing (e.g. corona, coating, etc.).

      In terms of the overall market, the general BOPP film product market is well supplied, while the functional BOPP film market has been in short supply due to high product technology, long R&D cycles and rapid market demand growth. China's high-end functional BOPP film market is more dependent on imports, and some segments of functional films are even completely dependent on foreign imports. The current situation of high demand, low supply and low localization of high-end films and special films in China determines that there is a broad development space for the functional BOPP film market in China in the future.


Development of Biaxial stretch general purpose BOPP

       By improving the structure of general BOPP film and its components, the wear-resistant biaxially oriented BOPP film with high tensile strength, high impact strength, toughness, weather resistance and wear resistance can protect the product in the process of transportation, intermediate processing, etc., and has high promotion value.
      The shape of the film stretching force curve corresponds to the set stretching process, and can reflect the film stretching process and film properties. The relationship between film stretching force variation and film stretching process has been established to provide a more intuitive method for rapid evaluation of film stretching process.

Lab static biaxial film stretcher

       Guangzhou POTOPlab static biaxial film stretcher, stretching ratio, stretching rate, stretching force and stretching temperature parameters can be adjusted independently. Can be synchronous and asynchronous two-way stretching. Tensile testing function strain curve analysis is available. For physical and chemical testing and analysis in laboratories to determine a wide variety of additives and formulations based on sample film properties. And applied to the production line, which can greatly reduce the cost of trial production.


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