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Products Features
1.The three press rollers are separately operated by SCHNEIDER servo motors of renowned brands, which provide high speed control precision, high dependability, a broad speed range, and stable operation, among other benefits.

2.The mould temperature machine and heat-conducting oil medium heating each press roll can ensure good temperature distribution and control precision of the roll surface;

3.The mechanical adjustment device of the press roll gap and linear guide effectively ensure the adjustment accuracy of the gap between rolls and provide sheet calendering pressure with high precision of product size control.
4. The measurement and control system based on PLC and touch screen has distinctive characteristics that traditional control systems cannot realize, such as visual display of process parameters and operation warning, which considerably improves the system's humanization, intelligence, and safety. To ensure operating safety, the power supply includes a lock/unlock switch, a start/stop switch, and an emergency stop switch under the touch screen.


Products Advantages

1. The lab tabletop three roll calender for PLA has very high processing accuracy. Since its press roll, upper roll and lower roll are relatively small, it can effectively reduce processing errors. In addition, during operation, continuous processing can be completed quickly with only one setting to guarantee the consistency and accuracy of products.
2. This machine is easy and convenient to operate. It adopts full hydraulic control, and the operator only needs to follow the machine's instructions and make simple adjustments to complete the processing task. It is not only close to the humanized design concept, but also can significantly improve the working efficiency.
3. The lab tabletop three roll calender for PLA has a beautiful shape and compact structure. Its small size, light weight, small footprint, and high aesthetics can meet the aesthetic needs of modern industry. Its compact design, comfortable operation and low noise make it suitable for various occasions and uses.


1.Q: How to install and operate?
   A:We will send our technician to install instruments.( operation demo video CD will be offered also.) 

2.Q: We don't know much about the machine but we need it, how to decide which model is the best?
   A:Please send inquiry to our Sales telling what you need the machine to do.And then our team will work out best solutions for you by sending catalogues, demonstration video or testing of your sample.

3.Q:How to inspect the goods?
   A:Products will be checked by our QC staff first, then our project manager. Client can come and check by themselves or third party check is available.

4.Q:How to order ?
   A: Step 1, please tell us what model and quantity you need; 
        Step 2, then we will make a PI for you to confirm the order details; 
        Step 3, when we confirmed everything, can arrange the payment; 
        Step 4, finally we deliver the goods within the stipulated time. 




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