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Product Features

1. Polymer cast molding testing equipment consists of single-screw extruder, cast machine, haul-off winder and testing system,which is made up of single-screw extruder by extruding the fluoropolymer material into the cast yellowfilm for proofing.
2. Applicable materials are fluoroplastics, such as PFA, ETFE, FEP, PVF, PVDF, etc.
3. With optical defect detection system, polymer cast molding testing equipment can detect film defects such as crystal dots, black dots, impurities, fish eyes, mosquitoes, etc. online.

Product Advantages

1. Polymer cast molding testing equipment has high precision testing capability. The equipment can test the physical and chemical properties of plastic raw materials, such as film thickness, size, density, melt flow index, floppiness, tensile strength and heat resistance. Its measurement accuracy can reach 0.01 mm, which can monitor the quality of finished products in real time during the production process.
2. The equipment can quickly detect the quality of products. The sensors used in the polymer cast molding inspection equipment can monitor in real time the physical properties of the product, such as surface smoothness and color, as well as mechanical properties, such as strength and hardness. By monitoring these parameters, the equipment is able to quickly and accurately identify product quality problems and address them in a timely manner.
3. The device has long-lasting performance. As a testing device made of high-performance materials, the polymer cast molding testing equipment is resistant to high and low temperatures and can operate in harsh environments for long periods of time. As a result, users can use it in a variety of production environments with confidence.
4. The equipment is highly efficient and cost saving. Because the equipment can be inspected quickly and accurately, it can speed up the entire production process and avoid frequent downtime due to quality problems. In addition, the equipment saves money by reducing the need for personnel to be involved in the inspection process.

Products Application

1.To detect important parameters such as tensile strength, breaking strength, bending modulus, cutting modulus, thickness and density of polymers.
2. Applicable to various types of fluoroplastic polymers, such as PFA, ETFE, FEP, PVF, PVDF, etc.
3. It can be applied to various industrial fields, such as food packaging, medical equipment, electronic parts, construction materials and automotive parts, etc.



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