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Products Features


1. This rubber 7 layer co-extrusion casting trial line has a variety of functions and high efficiency performance as well as precise automatic control system.
2. The machine is made of high quality materials and has industrial grade precision manufacturing technology to ensure the quality and stability of plastic pipe production. Its seven-layer co-extrusion flow-delaying process can ensure that the materials are fully mixed to achieve better compounding effect. Moreover, the machine is able to produce high precision outer and inner diameters while maintaining accuracy and consistency.
3. The rubber 7 layer co-extrusion casting trial line adopts an advanced control system, which can accurately control various parameters in the production process to further enhance production efficiency and production quality. It is also equipped with a series of automatic control equipment, including automatic quality inspection system and automatic cutting system to ensure that each product meets national standards and customer requirements.
4. The rubber 7 layer co-extrusion casting trial line has a large production capacity and application range. It can produce various specifications and sizes of plastic pipes to meet the needs of different applications. Meanwhile, it can produce composite materials with different functions such as anti-corrosion, impermeability, heat insulation and sound insulation, which are widely used in various fields such as construction, shipbuilding and machinery manufacturing.

Products Advantages

1. Producing high-quality plastic items.To ensure product quality, the rubber 7 layer co-extrusion casting trial line uses current manufacturing processes and technology, as well as high-quality raw materials. 
2. Automatic control system. The manufacturing process is highly automated and controlled, allowing for significant cost savings. The automation system can swiftly adapt to production requirements and make real-time adjustments to the manufacturing process. 
3. Adaptable. The equipment can be used on a wide range of plastic goods, including PVC, PE, PP, EVA, and others. Because of its versatility to a wide range of production requirements, it is the chosen equipment for many rubber and plastic manufacturers.

Products Details

Products Application

1. Prepararing multi-layer functional films
2. Test polymer material casting performance
3. Production of new product formulations
4. Optimize process parameter  in manufacturing
5. Production of short films on a small scale





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