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Products Features

1. The laboratory plastics single screw extrusion casting equipment can test the processing parameters of various materials online dynamically under close to actual processing conditions, and the test data (including melt temperature, melt pressure, screw speed, motor current, and so on) can be displayed in real time as curves or figures, providing reliable experimental data for users' scientific research.
2. The laboratory plastics single screw extrusion casting equipment extrudes and blends various types of plastics into homogeneous plastic alloys or blends to produce polymer materials with specific properties.
3. If various inorganic fillers, such as calcium carbonate, talc, etc., are added to the plastic matrix, the physical and mechanical properties of the material can be improved while the cost of the product is significantly reduced;
4. By combining different additives in plastics, such as stabilizers, flame retardants, colorants, and so on, new materials with uniform dispersion and particular functions can be created;
5. The addition of reinforcing components in the plastic matrix, such as glass fiber, carbon fiber and other fillers, can improve the physical and mechanical properties of composite materials.

Products Advantages

1. Low power consumption, large extrusion volume, good plasticizing effect: the equipment can prepare a large number of products with different materials according to various materials
2. High feeding precision, the products have excellent front and back consistency.
3. uniform material discharge of the equipment, uniform thickness of the tube wall and high traction force; the cutter can be precisely cut and controlled
4. Compact integrated vacuum exhaust cooling system with brand core components, high reliability and low noise
5. Humanized structure design, SIEMENS PLC touch screen, more convenient operation

Products Details

About Us

  Guangzhou POTOP has four world-first technologies and ten invention patents, allowing it to execute a wide range of testing functions and offer consumers a comprehensive set of rubber and plastic material processing and performance testing solutions. It is ideal for polymer material research laboratories in universities and colleges, as well as quality and technology department laboratories in the plastic raw material sector and R&D department laboratories in the plastic processing industry. Our company has strong ties with 3M, ZTE New Communications, Sun Yat-sen University, South China University of Technology, Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, Xi'an University of Engineering, East China University of Science and Technology, Labtech Engineering Company of Thailand, and other well-known domestic and international enterprises, universities, and research institutes.



1. Q: How do you control your production quality?
    A: We have an independent QC team. Our QC team is checking all production phases and compare to drawings to assure the quality.In case of non comformity,corrective action will be taken to repair/replace the defective part.

2. Q:Can I get some free accessories if I buy the machine?   
    A:We offer the components with favorable price and perdurable maintenance. 

3. Q:Does the power supply can customized?
    A:YES ,if you need customized power supply,pls tell us when you put the order.If you need to develop product with your own specification, we have professional engineers to work it out.

4. Q:How to protect my private information safe?
    A:Protect your sales area, ideas of design and all your private information.

5. Q:How about the delivery time?
    A:The exact delivery tine isdepend on the quantity your purchase, as usual it take about 10 days for one machine.



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