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1.Products Introduce

The new film origin biaxial stretching machine, its mechanical automatic fixture in the use of the effect of the pneumatic fixture in line with the same, to achieve a large clamping force, not de-clamping, no need for high-pressure nitrogen, there is no risk of air leakage and explosion, etc., the maintenance of a more convenient, safe and greatly enhanced performance. Tensile fixture to give up the traditional mobile frame, can be in a fixed position for biaxial stretching, greatly reducing the size of the equipment, more suitable for university laboratories.

Biaxial Stretcher

2.Product Feature

1. Adopting advanced biaxial stretching technology, it can control the stretching ratio of the material more accurately, so as to produce higher quality film materials.
2. With high efficiency and strong stability, it can quickly and accurately produce various specifications and thicknesses of film products to meet the different needs of the market.
3. Reduces the size of the equipment, more suitable for use in university laboratories.
4. Simple operation, and humanized design, maintenance is more convenient, and safety performance is greatly enhanced.
5. Applicable to film processing industry, plastic packaging, electronic devices, optical materials and other fields.

stretcherbiaxial stretcher

3.Product Process


4.About us

With the development of lithium battery, photovoltaic, hydrogen energy, marine engineering, aerospace, medical and health care, 5G mobile communications and other industries, the functional film has become a substrate for high-tech products, and its technological advances are rapidly changing and booming, Guangzhou POTOP to meet the needs of customers as the first priority, and is willing to be the customer's students and students of the service to provide customers with high-quality, safe, and good experimental equipment, Guangzhou Pudong is a high and new technology, specializing in special new, ISO9001 quality management system enterprise. "Sincerity and dedication" is our philosophy, "customer satisfaction" is our pursuit, with the best products, to provide you with the best service! We use the best products to provide you with the best service!


our customer


1. What is the price level?
We are confident that our prices are competitive when compared to products of the same quality level as we have been operating in this field for over 10 years. We have always adhered to the principle of providing quality products at competitive prices.

2. What is the delivery time?
As our products are manufactured according to each specific order, the delivery time is the specific contracted time.

3. What is the quality guarantee?
We offer a one-year warranty for our equipment, which starts at the time of shipment!

4. What are the payment terms?
T/T, Credit Card, Letter of Credit, Western Union, PayPal, MoneyGram.



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