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Guangzhou Pudong participated in the Highly-functional Material Week TOKYO JAPAN 2023, which was held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Tokyo, Japan, from October 04 to 06, 2023, with a perfect ending.


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With the development of lithium battery, photovoltaic, hydrogen energy, ocean engineering, aerospace, medical and health care, 5G mobile communications and other industries, the functional film has become the substrate of high-tech products, and its technological progress is rapidly changing and growing.

Guangzhou POTOP to adapt to market changes, increase the functional film processing and molding process technology, equipment research and development efforts, initially with a variety of function of the film sets of experimental equipment manufacturing capacity, to better meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers, Guangzhou POTOP  was established more than a decade, a total of more than six hundred sets of functional film experimental line, are tailored to the customer, functionality, none of the duplication!

Vertical film bi-directional pull card testing machine is Pu Tong hot products, the equipment can be a second pull test a variety of prescribed size of the piece of polymer material over extrusion calendering casting sheet), the customer root material properties set the pulling multiplier 5, pulling speed (0-300mm/s), the tensile temperature (room temperature -250 ° C), and so on the parameters. Uniform thickness and high flatness of the film after stretching.

According to the film molding effect on the equipment to produce or improve the material formula to obtain the desired final product effect, for the electric explosion film, super swim film optical film, hydrogen proton exchange membrane and other high-end film formula research and development to provide a complete set of laboratory solutions to the centralized program.

We produce or improve material formulations according to the molding effect of the film on the equipment to obtain the desired final product effect, and provide a centralized solution of a complete set of laboratory solutions for the formulation research and development of high-end films, such as lithium battery film, ultrafiltration film, optical film, and hydrogen proton exchange film.

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Last but not least, we would like to thank all our old and new friends for coming and guiding us, as well as every customer for their trust and support to Guangzhou Pudong. Although the exhibition is only three short days, our passion will not subside and we look forward to meeting you again! Let's work together to open a better future.

Please look forward to our next event!




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