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October 13-17, 2023 Guangzhou POTOP was invited to participate in the National Polymer Academic Paper Presentation. 

National Polymer Symposium 2023

The conference was successfully held in Wuhan China Optics Valley Science and Technology Exhibition Center. The meeting was organized by the Polymer Committee of the Chinese Chemical Society and Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), and hosted by HUST and co-organized by twelve universities and colleges in Wuhan. The National Polymer Academic Paper Series, which started in 1954 and is held once every two years, is the most important, largest and most influential academic conference in the field of polymer science in China.

The conference lasted for 4 days, with the theme of "molecular polymerization and aggregation, scientific and technological self-reliance and self-improvement", with 22 thematic sessions, a total of 8 general assembly reports, 422 invited reports, 495 oral presentations and 3,547 poster presentations, which provided a broad platform for academic and technological exchanges for scientific and technological, educational and industrial workers engaged in the field of research and development, as well as young people and students, and involved 22 thematic sessions in the field of energy, biology, optoelectronics, intelligent bionics and other industries and fields.



Guangzhou POTOP Experimental and Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd. is engaged in the polymer rheological performance characterization instrument manufacturing, polymer processing and molding laboratory equipment manufacturing and polymer new molding R & D equipment manufacturing enterprises.

In order to adapt to the market changes, Guangzhou POTOP has increased the research and development of functional film processing and molding process technology and equipment, and initially possesses the ability to manufacture a variety of functional film complete sets of experimental equipment, which can better meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers. Over the past ten years since its establishment, Guangzhou POTOP has completed more than six hundred sets of functional film experimental lines, all of which are customized for customers, with different functions and none of which is duplicated.


Last but not least, we would like to thank all our old and new friends for coming and guiding us, as well as every customer for their trust and support to Guangzhou Pudong. Although the exhibition is only three short days, our passion will not subside and we look forward to meeting you again! Let's work together to open a better future.

Please look forward to our next event!





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