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Products Introduction

Single screw heat balance extruder is composed of a 25 single-screw extruder and a film blowing auxiliary machine. The whole machine adopts integrated structure, mainly used for polymer material film extrusion molding performance test, wire extrusion molding test, in which the host part can accurately measure the barrel temperature by section, accurate pressure and power measurement, valve type can be along the course of the material structure, oriented to the development of intelligent data acquisition and external interface platform.

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Products Features

1. The barrel and screw are made of high-performance materials, and the surface of the barrel is nitrided.
2. The barrel heating adopts ceramic heater, whose structure is sectionalized, the shape matches the barrel appearance, and is fastened to the barrel with screws. It is fastened to the barrel with screws, which has strong versatility and is easy to disassemble and replace.
3. The film frame of the blown film module can be lifted and lowered electrically, which can adapt to the high requirements of various molding processes, and the configuration of the blown film frame expansion and contraction device can effectively reduce the volume of the whole machine in the process of transportation and movement, which is convenient for storage and use.
4. Adopting chrome-plated mirror rollers, with 304 stainless steel roller core quality is more reliable, which can effectively guarantee the surface finish of the products.
5. With independent intellectual property rights of the toggle ball positioning device so that the herringbone frame can be freely opened and closed, stable stereotypes, and can accurately control the shape of the film bubble.

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