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Good news! Good news! With the efforts of our R&D team, Guangzhou POTOP Double Stretching Line Project has now obtained the invention patent of "Orthogonal Film Transverse Stretching Device", thanks to the hard work of our R&D team!


Guangzhou POTOP Film Bi-directional Stretching Test Line mainly consists of five-layer co-extrusion unit, casting machine, longitudinal stretching machine (MDO), transverse stretching machine (TDO), automatic winding unit, central control system and other parts. By simply adjusting the configuration, it is used for the research and development of new products of double-drawing films of different materials such as PP, PA, PE, PET, PLA, etc., as well as for the small-trial experiments and small-lot production sampling. More importantly, the process data obtained from the experimental line is directly used in the large production line, which greatly improves the production efficiency of the enterprise's new factory products.



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