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Small High Performance Film Double-Sided Stretching Machine


 Suitable for PE,PP,PET and other materials for film new material development, film testing and analysis, process research and parameter optimization.Good sealing, waterproof, dustproof, strong anti-interference, fast speed, high precision.

1, High dimensional accuracy, in the 100mm square of the diaphragm to do 4*4 times of stretching, after stretching the membrane size within 400*400±5%

2, Good mechanical properties, continuous stretching more than 10 times, the size deviation can be controlled very well.

3, High repeatability, continuous stretching of the same process parameters 10 times, diaphragm fog, light transmittivity, Tensile strength and other performance indicators do not exceed 5%.

4, Deep temperature range: 250℃~400℃, can meet the general engineering plastics to special high-temperature plastic film bidirectional tensile process requirements.

5, Advanced design, reasonable layout, learn from the German advanced product design concept, improve the use of hot air efficiency, reduce heat loss, energy saving and environmental protection.



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