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Small Precision Twin-Screw Extruder Granulator



The 16mm laboratory small twin-screw granulator consists of a micro-twin-screw extruder with two large components. It is composed of cooling water tank and micro-granulating unit. We have designed screw components to be freely combined according to material characteristics for greater applicability. The shell adopts clamshell design, which is convenient for users to clean the screw. This model is especially suitable for customers who frequently switch formulations. The machine has an efficient and optimized temperature control management system to provide high precision temperature control, and is equipped with a large torque servo motor drive to provide constant torque output in the full speed range.


Extrusion for thermo-cement, general plastics, engineering plastics, elastomer, etc.
Reactive extrusion.
Extrusion and foaming for polymer composites.
Modification of filled polymer.
It independently achieves material conveying, plasticizing, mixing and providing material for the other modules.




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