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  The Casting film test line for the Polish customer has been shipped from the warehouse today.

 Casting film test line is composed of a main machine (twin-screw extruder) and a set of auxiliary machines (casting molding machine). It is mainly used for blending modification of polymer materials, formulation research and development of new materials, process optimization, quality control and small-scale production.The machine can carry out online dynamic testing of the processing parameters of various materials under conditions close to the actual processing, and the test data (including melt temperature, melt pressure, screw speed, motor current, etc.) can be displayed in real time in the form of curves or figures, providing reliable experimental data for users' scientific research.


Main application

  Set mixing, mixing, extrusion as one of the efficient polymer extrusion molding equipment. Its main uses are:

  • Blending modification
    Different kinds and grades of plastics were extruded and blended to make homogeneous plastic alloys or blends to obtain polymer materials with special properties.

  • Filling modification

    Adding various inorganic fillers, such as calcium carbonate, talc powder, etc. to the plastic matrix can greatly reduce the cost of products and improve the physical and mechanical properties of materials.

  • Functionalization of composite materials

   Mixing various additives in plastics, such as stabilizers, flame retardants, colorants, etc., to obtain new materials with uniform dispersion and specific functions.

  • Enhanced modification

   In order to improve the physical and mechanical properties of the composites, reinforced components such as glass fiber and carbon fiber are added to the plastic matrix.

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