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Product  Description

The functional polymer extrusion processing experimental machine is composed of reaction kettle, 35 twin screw extruder, casting machine and traction winder. Mainly used for mixing polymer materials, functional film research and development, process optimization, cost control and small-scale production.

Main application

This instrument is a kind of high efficiency mixing and extrusion equipment, and has the function of flow delay winding. Its main uses are:

(1) Different varieties and different grades of plastics are blended into homogeneous plastic alloys or blends to obtain polymer materials with new comprehensive properties;

(2) Adding various inorganic fillers to plastics, such as calcium carbonate, talc powder, etc., can greatly reduce raw material costs and improve their physical and mechanical properties;

(3) Mixing various additives in plastics, such as stabilizers, flame retardants, colorants and preparation of high concentration masterbatch, etc., can obtain a highly dispersed mixing effect;

(4) Add reinforcement materials to plastics, such as glass fiber and carbon fiber, to improve the physical and mechanical properties of plastics;

(5) Polymer homogeneous granulation, such as eliminating fisheye, improving transparency, etc.;

(6) Exhaust and devolatilization, that is, at the same time of plasticizing mixing, the residual monomers, solvents, and polymers are removed.

Water, oligomers and other volatile components;

(7) By optimizing the screw combination, the instrument can also be used for a variety of powder materials and thermosetting plastic mixing granulation and polymer reaction extrusion and other special fields;

The biggest advantage is that it can be tested under conditions close to actual processing. During the test process, melt temperature, melt pressure, screw speed, motor current and other parameters will be displayed in the form of curves or figures in real time for user reference.




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