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Product  Description


The high-end functional film bidirectional tensile test line is mainly composed of five-layer coextruding unit, casting machine, longitudinal drawing machine (MDO), transverse drawing machine (TDO), automatic winding unit, central control system and other parts, which can be used for the research and development of new double-drawn film products of different materials such as PP, PA, PE, PET, PLA, etc. And small test and small batch production proofing. More importantly, the process data obtained from the experimental line is directly used in large production lines, greatly improving the production efficiency of new products.

Product advantages:

(1) The oven adopts the heating form of hot air circulation, which can improve the utilization efficiency of heat energy and reduce power consumption. The air duct inside the oven adopts a pairwise symmetrical structure, and the upper and lower oven are also symmetrical distribution, so that the heat inside the oven is evenly distributed to ensure that the film is evenly heated;

(2) The drawing device is mainly composed of chain clip, chain guide rail, frame, chain tensioning device, entrance correction device, transmission device, clip opener, clip closing device, screw amplitude modulation device, slide block, heat preservation platform, etc. The chain is equipped with a clip, and the clip clips two edges of the sheet, and carries on the transverse stretching of the film on the variable width guide rail, and the stretching ratio can be adjusted according to the process requirements;

(3) The guide adopts high-quality die steel P40, and ensures the accuracy of each guide rail through precision grinding, so that the chain clip can run smoothly on the guide rail; The surface of the guide rail is nitrided with hardness ≥900HV to ensure durability and wear resistance.

The chain clip adopts the form of high temperature rolling bearing guide, which can effectively reduce friction and improve running speed. The chain clip is mainly composed of a clip body, a clip seat, a spring sleeve, a connecting plate, a bottom plate, etc. The chain clip is machined by precision machinery to ensure good interchangeability.

The oven is heated by hot air circulation



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