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 Plastic film is a thin continuous polymer material. Thicker plastics are often referred to as "flakes". These plastic films are used to separate areas or volumes, hold items in place, serve as barriers, or as printable surfaces. A film made of polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, and other resins, used in packaging and as a film coating. Plastic packaging and plastic packaging products in the market share is growing, especially composite plastic flexible packaging, has been widely used in food, medicine, chemical and other fields, of which food packaging accounted for the largest proportion, such as beverage packaging, frozen food packaging, cooking food packaging, fast food packaging, etc., these products have brought great convenience to people's lives.

 Material for making plastic film

1. Polyethylene (PE).
2. Polypropylene (PP).
3. Polyester (PET).
4. Nylon (PA).
5. Polyvinyl chloride film (PVC).
6. Cellulose acetate.
7. Cellophane - made from recycled cellulose.
8. A variety of bioplastics and biodegradable plastics can be used.
9. Semi-embossed film.
10.Polystyrene (PS).

Characteristics of plastic film

1. Transparency, gloss, comparable to cellophane, beautiful, good printing performance.
2. Mechanical strength is increased, but elongation is reduced.
3. High cold resistance, at -30 ~ -50℃ will not change brittle.
4. Good elongation, tear strength and cold resistance.
5. It has good air tightness, fragrance preservation and good moisture resistance.
6. Low water absorption, large transmittance to gas and water vapor.
7. Excellent resistance to strong acid, alkali, chemicals and oil.
8. Good elasticity, stress cracking resistance, property and heat sealing.

The production process of plastic film
Plastic film is usually thermoplastic and is formed by melting.

1. Streaming
    Plastic extrusion A film that can be cast to cool or quench and then rolled into rolls.
2. The extruded film can be stretched, thinned or oriented in one or two directions. The blown or tubular process forces air into the  extrusion ring to expand the film. Flat tenter frame stretches extruded film before annealing.
3. Rolling rollers can be used to form films from hot polymers.
4. Solution deposition is another film forming process.
5. Scraping is used to scrape the film off the solid surface (sometimes used to make PTFE thread sealing tape).
6. Co-extrusion involves extruding two or more layers of different polymers into a single film.
7. Lamination combines two or more films (or other materials) into a sandwich.
8. Extrusion coating is used to form a film on another film or substrate.

Application of plastic film



1. Plastic film for packaging

Plastic film is widely used in food, medicine, chemical and other packaging fields, of which, in the material of composite plastic flexible packaging accounted for the largest proportion, in the range of use, beverage packaging, fast food packaging, cooking food packaging, frozen food packaging and other food packaging is the most widely used. For example, the plastic wrap used in our daily life is one of the plastic films used in packaging.

2. Agricultural film

After the modernization of the countryside, plastic film has also begun to be used in agricultural production, from the initial development of rice seedling to the current plastic greenhouse, mulch cover gradually expanded application, widely used in vegetable cultivation, sweet potato planting, cotton seedling, silkworm production, tobacco and other aspects.

3. Plastic film for automobiles and construction

Plastic film can also play a decorative, explosion-proof or protective film role in automotive and architectural glass, especially in recent years, China's automotive industry and construction industry ushered in rapid development, plastic film in this area of demand will be more and more large.

4. Reflective membrane

This plastic film is used in traffic signs and other fields, which can reflect the incident light, so that people can see the traffic signs with reflective film more clearly and eye-catching. When the reflective film is used in clothing, it can let people see the wearer even in poor sight environments such as night, and can provide work safety for sanitation workers.

5. Industrial production

Industrial production is used to do a variety of industrial products (mechanical parts, instruments, household appliances, etc.) packaging.

6. Daily life

People's Daily life of clothing and food packaging and rainproof appliances, toys and decorations, various materials surface (wood, steel, paper, etc.) with composite film and with special functional uses of breathable film, water-soluble film, insulation thin film, piezoelectric film and radiation film.

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