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Product  Description


1.High precision and good repeatability

As technical equipment for research and development, the machine precision of the experimental line is higher than that of the production line, which compensates for errors caused by various uncertain factors in research and development, and the results are closer to the process parameters of the production line. The quality of the machines in the experimental line is stable and reliable, with no deviation due to environmental and human operating factors, good repeatability, and the data obtained from the experiments are credible and available. The experimental line uses Guangzhou POTOP's existing extruders, molds, sheet casting rollers, longitudinal drawing machines and drive control systems. These equipments have advanced technology, excellent quality and stable operation. They have been sold and used in large quantities and have been recognized by high-grade customers at home and abroad.

2.Wide process range and wide applicability

Production lines usually only use one kind of material to process one kind of product, and the equipment also runs under rated working conditions for a long time. The experimental line is mainly used for the research and development of new materials, new products and new processes. Depending on the materials and products, the operating conditions of the equipment often vary greatly, and it is necessary to constantly adjust the equipment process parameters. Guangzhou POTOP film biaxial stretching experimental line uses servo motor precision drive and transmission technology, the application of intelligent temperature control algorithms and innovative structural design to make the speed of each motion mechanism of the experimental line, the temperature of each temperature control zone, and the stretching roller group The spacing and other parameters can be adjusted within a wide range, and the operation is stable.


3.Good control, high security

The operators of experimental lines are often professors, experts and engineers engaged in research and development. They have not received professional operating training or are not good at operating equipment. Starting from this feature, the experimental line has a friendly computer interface and flexible instrument buttons, making it easy to start up in a fool-like manner. More important than controllability is machine safety design. The experimental line strictly implements CE safety standards to ensure the safety of users in all aspects.

Guangzhou POTOP high-end functional film continuous biaxial stretching test line mainly consists of a three-layer co-extrusion unit, a sheet casting machine, a longitudinal stretching machine (MDO), a transverse stretching machine (TDO), a thickness gauge, a traction tension group, and a winding machine. It consists of a unit, a central control system and other parts. It can be used for the research and development of new double-drawn film products of different materials such as PP, PA, PE, PET, etc., as well as small-scale experiments and small-batch production proofing through simple adjustment and configuration. More importantly, the process data obtained from this experimental line is directly used in large production lines, greatly improving the efficiency of the company's new product launch. The composition of the experimental line is shown in Figure 1-1.



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