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I. Background

 Thanks to the continuous expansion of the application field of film biaxial stretching technology, the demand for biaxial stretching production line equipment has continued to grow. The equipment market has been led by foreign manufacturers for nearly two or three decades, mainly companies such as Bruckner, Mitsubishi, Dornier and Mashan; in recent years, a number of domestic companies such as Guilin Institute, Beijing Institute of Technology, Shandong Yongjian, Qingdao Shunde, Shantou Jinming, Wuhan Modern, etc. have also grown.


  The film biaxial stretching test line is a complete set of experimental equipment. Its overall structure and working principle are the same as those of the film biaxial stretching production line. The raw materials are pretreated, extruded and plasticized, cast, peeled, shaped, longitudinally stretched, transversely stretched and post-processed, and finally the stretched film sample coil is continuously prepared. However, its experimental nature determines that it is not a simple reduced version of the production line. It requires new functions and features such as better raw material applicability, wider process adjustment range, more flexible and convenient operation performance, and more comprehensive safety protection. The film biaxial stretching test line has a long process, many factors, and complex phase coupling relationships. To achieve the above functions, the R&D team needs to have professional knowledge, comprehensive ability, experience accumulation and unremitting efforts to develop high-precision experimental equipment.
  Guangzhou POTOP was born from the scientific research team of Academician Qu Jinping. It shoulders the mission of catching up with world-class plastic machine technology. Through hard work, it has finally become the only supplier of new polymer molding experimental equipment at home and abroad.

  Guangzhou POTOP attaches great importance to the needs of clients. According to the characteristics of polymer scientific research customers, it has built pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales teams. It has the capabilities of technical solution design, engineering design, manufacturing, acceptance and delivery, on-site installation, user training, maintenance, etc., and has initially formed a one-stop full-life service system for laboratory equipment to meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent.

  Guangzhou POTOP attaches great importance to experimental technology research and development and experience summary. It has four design departments including film experimental equipment design department, rheometer design department, polymer new molding experimental equipment design department and industrial automation system design department. It has four scientific research groups including extrusion system experimental group, dynamic stress and strain characterization instrument experimental group, and film stretching process process experimental group. A large amount of scientific research funds are invested every year. Over the past ten years, more than 600 sets of polymer new molding experimental equipment contracts have been completed, and a deep understanding of the field of polymer experimental technology has been achieved.

  Guangzhou POTOP has been working in the field of film forming experimental technology and equipment for more than ten years. Its products such as multi-layer co-extrusion casting, multi-layer co-extrusion casting, longitudinal stretching test line and biaxial stretching instrument have been widely recognized by domestic and foreign customers. In recent years, the company's professional team has devoted itself to research and invested in technical verification machines in track and track change mechanism, clamp assembly, chain design and manufacturing, tunnel furnace and temperature control, and has done a lot of preliminary research work, laying a solid foundation for the successful development of the film biaxial stretching test line.

Ⅱ. Uses and Functions

  In the research and development of film technology, the use of biaxial stretching test lines can artificially control and simulate various conditions, eliminate interference, and highlight the main factors, so as to understand the technical and process characteristics of the film under favorable conditions, explore the properties of the film and the processing and molding laws. Its uses and functions are mainly reflected in the following five aspects:

  (1) Simplify, purify and strengthen the technical form of the film. In the research and development of films, there are many factors that affect the performance of the film. We can use experimental methods such as biaxial stretching test lines to simplify complex factors according to the needs of research and development, eliminate the interference of minor factors and accidental factors, and make the technical characteristics that need to be understood appear in a relatively pure form, so that the film performance and process conditions can be understood more accurately.

  (2) Provide data and empirical formulas for the design and development of film products. For example, in the design and development of polarizing films, whether it is selecting materials, determining the number of composite layers, or proposing the optimal stretching multiple, experiments must be used to provide corresponding data and calculation formulas. The corresponding relationship between the mechanical properties of the materials, the number of layers and the stretching multiples measured in the experiment can establish an empirical formula, which facilitates the design of film products.

  (3) Provide means for the inspection of film products. The development of film technology is in the ascendant, and film products are frequently updated and iterated. Any new technical requirements, new polymers, and new processing and molding processes must be tested. The biaxial stretching test line is an important means to achieve this test.

  (4) Improve R&D efficiency and reduce R&D costs. Due to the lack of test lines, film research and development currently uses production lines, which can only test one or two materials and several process parameters a day. The test line can test multiple materials and multiple processes in a day, and its efficiency is several times or even more than ten times that of the production line, greatly shortening the R&D cycle. The cost of starting a production line is extremely high. It consumes dozens of tons of raw materials a day, and the cost is about tens of thousands or even more than one million yuan. The test line consumes less than one ton of raw materials a day, and the cost is about 10,000 to 20,000 yuan, which is only a few tens of times the cost, thus saving expenses.

  (5) Intermediate experiments. Intermediate experiments are the transition link from pure laboratory research to production. They have the dual nature of research and production. They play an important role in promoting laboratory research results, using new technologies, and testing film processing and molding processes. The research conditions in the laboratory are strictly controlled and the operation is relatively delicate. Once the scale is expanded and the conditions change, many unexpected situations may occur, and the various indicators achieved by the laboratory are often not achieved. Therefore, through intermediate experiments, various technical problems that may arise from the above-mentioned changes in conditions can be solved, and complete technical data necessary for formal production can be obtained. In addition, some functional films have low demand and high value, and the output of the experimental line is sufficient to meet user needs. Often, if the experiment is successful, the experimental line can be directly used for production.

 III.Features and advantages

Compared with the production line, Guangzhou POTOP's film biaxial stretching test line has the following characteristics:

(1) High precision and good repeatability. As a technical equipment for research and development, the machine precision of the test line should be higher than that of the production line to compensate for the errors caused by various uncertain factors in research and development, so that the results can be closer to the process parameters of the production line. The machine quality of the test line must be stable and reliable, and no deviations can be caused by environmental and human operation factors. In this way, the repeatability is good and the data obtained from the experiment can be reliable and usable. The test line uses Guangzhou POTOP's existing extruders, molds, casting rollers, longitudinal drawing machines and drive control systems. These equipments are advanced in technology, excellent in quality and stable in operation. They have been sold and applied in large quantities and have been recognized by high-quality customers at home and abroad.

(2) Wide process range and wide applicability. The production line usually only uses one material to process one product, and the equipment also operates at rated conditions for a long time. The test line is mainly used for the research and development of new materials, new products and new processes. Different materials and products often have very different operating conditions for the equipment, and the equipment process parameters need to be constantly adjusted. Guangzhou POTOP Film Biaxial Stretching Test Line uses servo motor precision drive and transmission technology, intelligent temperature control algorithm and innovative structural design, so that the speed of each motion mechanism of the test line, the temperature of each temperature control zone, the spacing of the stretching roller group and other parameters can be adjusted within a large range, and the operation is stable.

(3) Good controllability and high safety. The operators of the test line are often professors, experts and engineers engaged in research and development. They have not received professional operation training or are not good at operating equipment. Starting from this feature, the test line has a user-friendly computer interface and flexible instrument buttons, which can achieve fool-proof and simple startup. More important than controllability is the machine safety design. The test line strictly implements CE safety standards to ensure the safety of users in all aspects.






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