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Product Introduction


1.Casting Stick

Driven by an independent motor, the rotation speed is adjustable, the surface of the roller is hard chrome plated, and the roller frame can be moved up and down by a lift.
Each roller is independently driven by a servo motor, and the speed of the roller and the speed ratio between adjacent rollers are precisely controlled.

2.Main Motor

Servo motor is used, with rated speed of 1500r/min, and the reduction box can withstand the axial thrust of the screw.

Optional screen changer or melt pump system can increase the plasticizing effect of the material.

3.Smart Operation

All parameter settings, system control, data recording, etc. are operated/displayed through the operation screen installed on the door panel.
Small size, small footprint, suitable for use in laboratories.

4.Winding Components

The air shaft is driven by a torque motor with an adjustable rotation speed. The air shaft can drive the paper roll to rewind.
Hard chrome-plated mirror roller with 304 stainless steel roller core, high surface finish and no rust.


Applicable Materials




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