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Small twin screw extruder Driven by international brand variable frequency motor.

Equipped with twin screw feeder and horizontal blender to avoid material bridging.

Optional twin screw feeder.

Optional screen changer and melt pump to increase plasticization.

Optional side feeder for special materials.

Optional forced feeder to increase feeding stability.

Optional glass fiber feeding port for thefilling and modification of glass fiber.

Optional liquid feeding port for liquid material precise metering feeding.


Small twin screw extruder use for Mixing, kneading, extruding and pelletizing of general and engineering plastics, elastomer.

Material blending modification and reactive extrusion.

Small twin screw extruder can be used in conjunction with small cast film machinesmall calendering machine and small laminating machine to prepare the flow film, sheet material and multilayer composite film.

Modification of filled polymer composites.

Polymer dehydration, de-volatilization and exhaust.


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